Ales for Autism

“Ales for Autism is a non-profit organization that has been founded on a principal love for beer with a cause of utmost importance during this generation. There has been a spike in Autistic children that now reaches 1 out of every 110 children, with males about 4 times more likely to be diagnosed. Recent studies have estimated that the lifetime cost to care for an individual with ASD is $3.2 million. We are just trying to ease that cost for as many individuals as possible.”

Head directly to the Ales For Autism Web Site and find out how you can get involved.

The primary ways you can make a difference are by 1)attending events and 2)drinking beers. It’s just THAT EASY.

This weekend they have a pretty stylish mini-golf event going down to raise money with all proceeds going toward a fund to ease the cost of care for Autistic children. If you’re in the California area, you may want to consider attending if registration is indeed still open.

Check out the poster below for key info.

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