DCS Sponsors the 2015 Drink Water Rat Race

DCS is proud to announce that we’re back for another year of supporting Drink Water‘s Rat Race!

The summer tradition continues as Brian Fox and Austin Smith rally the snowboard community around the life-giving liquid that supports us all…water! This banked slalom event will pit pro vs pro to find out who walks home with bragging rights, while also raising funds for water.org.

DCS is back on board as a sponsor offering up Stickers, Banners, and some Staked Signage and we couldn’t be more excited. The success we’ve experienced in nearly 15 years has given us so many gifts and it’s our duty to give back to those in need. The snowboarding community has seen fit to rally their passion around a great cause and we’re committed to doing our part by joining them. Last year the Rat Race raised just over $20k and we’re looking to top that.

Check out wedrinkwater.com for info and follow DCS on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for wild times on the top of Mt. Hood.

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Routed Signage | Reed Pop

Check out these awesomesauce hashtag signs we cooked up for our friends at Reed Pop, the amazing humans behind Special Edition NYC, Star Wars Celebration, BookCon and more.

How we do it: using a routing machine, we custom cut the sign shape out of moderately rigid PVC material. A large Digital Die-cut Sticker is printed and mounted on top to create an easy-to-read, custom-shaped sign.

Fun & portable signs like these are a great way to encourage photo ops and corral content into the correct hashtag across social media platforms, growing your audience exponentially.

If you’re ready to stir up some hype and show ‘em how to hashtag with Routed Signage, Request A Quote for details + pricing.

*All photos by No Robots Photography

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All Together Skatepark | A New Partnership

By now you’ve probably heard the news: DCS is officially a sponsor of one of the coolest community spaces in Seattle, All Together Skatepark!

After many years working with ATS host Evo and being involved in the Seattle action sports community, it became a no-brainer for us to hop aboard to provide ATS with stickers, banners, and any other materials to spread the good word of skateboarding.

Between their camps, special events, and contests ATS is showing the kids of our city that aren’t just read about in books: they’re learned AND earned while rolling around on concrete.

Check out All Together Skatepark online for info and keep your eyes peeled for rad events and new stickers on the way.

Photos courtesy of Evo Seattle and ATS

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The Importance of Rounded Cutlines

Cutlines are a critical factor in sticker production. They act as a road map for our plotters to follow as they cut out your stickers.

Imagine for a second that you’re driving a car and you start driving on a winding road. Smooth curves allow you make accurate, controlled turns and stay on course. What happens when you come across sharp turns? You lose a certain amount of control and overcompensate, you go off course, and there’s even the potential for errors that might result in a crash.

On a plotter, the circumstances remain the same. In order to cut stickers in a clean, accurate way we need smooth paths to navigate. Sharp turns result in mis-cut stickers, slower production, and sloppy results. Check out the above examples for reference.

Read more about our Art Requirements and then Request A Quote.

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Packaging at DCS

Time to take a quick look at the stops stickers make on their way to shipping out.

All Stickers are shrink wrapped into packs to keep them free of dirt, dust, and moisture during transit. A clean sticker is a happy sticker. Stickers are then organized and divided into numbered packs so customers can distribute with ease. Packs are visibly labeled so customers know exactly how their quantity is divided. Boxes are packed with recycled paper to keep them snug and safe during their time in the box.

We’re not breaking any new ground on shipping stickers, but we do take great care in make sure that orders are clean, organized, and get to their final destination in great shape.

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About Die Cut Stickers

Started in the Spring of 2002, DieCutStickers.com, otherwise known as DCS, has slowly grown into the premier vinyl diecut sticker manufacturer. With over 2,500 clients in 10 countries, we have taken great pride in servicing each and every client as if they were family. No job is too big or too small for us and we have expanded our operations over the years to include full-color diecuts, screen-print stickers, banners and now full or partial vehicle/trailer wraps.

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