Street League Skateboarding

DCS is extremely proud to partner up with with Street League Skateboarding for a massive run of Screen-Printed Stickers featuring their signature black, red, and white designs, along with some special Silver Metallic Spot Color and Clear Vinyl.

Arguably the biggest event in skateboarding, Street League will hit LA and New Jersey as their Summer Tour comes to a head.

Get all the details at and watch live on Fox Sports 1!

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Stupid Cancer

Stupid Cancer gives a voice to those affected by young adult cancer and also offers a wealth of resources to help keep life moving forward.

We’re proud to help create awareness for Stupid Cancer through various runs of stickers. Check out the latest (pictured above) featuring Screen-Printed Rectangles on white vinyl. Stickers possess great potential as they offer a quick and concise channel to spread messages, communicate information, and rally passionate people behind a cause.

The idea that one sticker could spur positive change in someone’s life is amazing and humbling. We look forward to continuing to support amazing non-profits in their efforts to improve people & community as a whole.

Learn more and get involved at

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Operativ | Defining Decals

At DCS we offer a wild variety of unique vinyl products that can all trace their roots back to basic stickers. Probably the simplest and most well-known sticker is the Standard Vinyl Die-cut aka DECAL.

Vinyl is cut out via plotter and sandwiched between a Backing Paper and an Application Masking. Once that Backing is removed, the sticker is applied to a surface and then the masking is peeled away, leaving only the pure artwork in vinyl. No printing needed.

We took the bold, iconic Operativ logo and cut out a run of Standard Vinyl Die-cuts as promotional pieces for their brand. Soon these sticker will find their way to bikes, helmets, ramps, cars, stop signs, and countless other surfaces.

Check out and see how you can get your hands on these.

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High Fives Foundation | The Shield

Throughout 5+ years of being the safety net to the winter action sports world, the High Fives Foundation Shield Logo has been symbol of compassion and support for those experiencing life-altering injuries via the risks that come from pushing the limits of human athleticism.

Now representing the Foundation on all fronts, for 2014 the Shield will now incorporate an iconic flannel pattern to represent a rich traditon, warmth, and east coast sensibility.

DCS is proud to support the High Fives Foundation in their efforts to aid and support athletes in recovery. Get involed and see how you can help at

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Kimes Ranch

When it comes to stickers, full-color prints with complex die-cuts are typically the most popular. But even as flashy designs come & go, there are still time-tested classic styles that endure.

Kimes Ranch is a perfect example with a classic box sticker shape and clean single-color print on white vinyl. This design accurately represents their brand motto: less is more and you can never go wrong with timeless simplicity.

If you’re interested in bridging the gap between old west style and modern street fashion, check out Kimes Ranch online.

Don’t forget to Request A Quote for Screen-Printed Stickers and see what we can do.

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