Blackstrap Facemasks

A miscellaneous collection of things or people.”

The definition of assortment is a simple one and our new friends at Blackstrap take it to heart. With this new lineup of stickers, their tackling trade show season, winter 2016 and beyond.

Lifestyle brands target small but unique markets and having a variety of graphics is great way to strengthen the versatility of the brand.

See how many graphics you can spot in this assortment and let’s talk about your plans for a full sticker lineup when you Request A Quote.

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DCS Guide to Sticker File Types

Great stickers start with great artwork. Without the proper file setup, it’s going to be difficult for us to get you the best finished product we can. Here’s our guide to the best file types so you can get your art dialed without any hiccups.

.AI (Adobe Illustrator)

This the native working file of Adobe Illustrator. When you save an Illustrator file for the first time, it becomes a piece of pure perfection. Pick your colors, convert your fonts to outlines, and you have artwork that is ready to send to us for sticker production. Anything you create in Illustrator (aside from a placed image) will be in crisp, clean vectors. Perfect for colorful graphics or 1-color Die-cuts.

Rule of Thumb: DO NOT place images in Illustrator and send it to us as an .ai file. It doesn’t work that way.

.PSD (Adobe Photoshop)

Adobe Photoshop is great for handling hi-res photos and complex effects. Make sure you start out working with a document that’s set to a minimum 150 dpi resolution or 300 dpi ideally. This means your image will come out looking great, rather than fuzzy or pixelated. Be careful when placing images and make sure the resolution matches up with your document.

Rule of Thumb: Keep your layers organized in case our Production Artists need to dive into the artwork.

.EPS (Illustrator or Photoshop)

“Encapsulated Post Script.” This is next-level. .EPS files are self-contained with graphics, type, and even an image preview. This is everything we need wrapped up with bow.

Rule of Thumb: If you’re a seasoned print specialist, you already know we’ll be happy to receive this file.

.PDF (Adobe Illustrator)

PDF means Portable Document Format and was originally created to pass files easily between different operating systems and platforms. We now use it to send layouts, graphics, and proofs conveniently while also keeping files sizes small. If your PDF was created from vector graphics in Illustrator, congratulations! We’re going to make some great stickers. If not, we may have a hard road ahead of us.

Rule of Thumb: Save under “Smallest File Send” if you’re getting pricing, but make sure you send us the “Press Quality” version before printing.

.JPG (Adobe Photoshop)

Commonly referred to as a JPEG, this is an image file format typically associated with photos and other image files. If you’re saving from Photoshop, make sure this is high-resolution (300 dpi).

Rule of Thumb: Build or make sure your file is at actual size. No matter what.

.GIF (Adobe Photoshop)

Guys, you probably already know this is a low-res image file. Mostly popular in its animated form on the web. If you have artwork in .gif form, please only send for quoting purposes as we will NOT print this as final artwork. It will never look good.

Rule of Thumb: Nope. Just, don’t.

These are the most important File Types to us. If you’re curious about another type or think something is missing, let us know. Reach us directly on Twitter or send an email over to with questions.

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K2 Sports | Reflective Stickers

Reflective Stickers are an absolutely awesome material when you need your stickers to shine in hazardous areas, show up at night, or call out surfaces/items.

For this recent run of sticker sheets with K2 we did things a little differently. Instead of printing a black logo, the design was reversed with an exterior black flood of ink.

More reflective surface area is revealed and the bold K2 logo an opportunity to shine as the reflective portion of the sticker. While this might not seem like a huge revelation, it’s a carefully-considered design detail that can have a major effect on the function + impact of the sticker.

Think about the way you want your final sticker to function, consider the potential utility of reflective material, and let’s discuss the possibilities when you Request A Quote.

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Check the Feed | L.E.N.S. Contest

DCS has partnered up with snowboard-clip-slurpee-machine CheckTheFeed to help with their sticker needs as they gear up to launch a new kind of contest format for snowboard crews.

It’s called L.E.N.S. and culminates in March at the infamous Trollhaugen in Wisconsin. Teams will create 3 minute video edits that are voted on by fans at the CheckTheFeed website. Winners will ride a custom setup at Trollhaugen in the finals, with edits judged by the 1817 Crew. Full details/rules/prizes are HERE. Once your edit is ready upload to the Submission Form.

We’re hyped to support and give a little back to the snowboarding world. It’s going to be fun seeing the edits these hungry crews put out. Be sure to follow ChecktheFeed for updates.

…And don’t forget to show us your stickers!

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North Coast Genetix | Instant Packaging

When you’re a small business, looking legit and gaining momentum is critical. And while your ambition might be high, your budget may not be, so in order to bridge the gap between good design and smart spending we propose…PAPER LABELS.

North Coast Genetix utilized the simple addition of Paper Labels to Zip Locked bags to create a simple and effective piece of packaging for their seeds. A clean 2-color effectively uses the white background to complete a strong brand impression.

Keep up with the progress of North Coast Genetix on Instagram and Request a Quote to get pricing + details on your own Paper Labels.

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About Die Cut Stickers

Started in the Spring of 2002,, otherwise known as DCS, has slowly grown into the premier vinyl diecut sticker manufacturer. With over 2,500 clients in 10 countries, we have taken great pride in servicing each and every client as if they were family. No job is too big or too small for us and we have expanded our operations over the years to include full-color diecuts, screen-print stickers, banners and now full or partial vehicle/trailer wraps.

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