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The old saying is true: one bad sticker can spoil the bunch. When we’re producing thousands of stickers per day there’s bound to be some rejects; it’s a guaranteed outcome in the world of production. Before an order ships out, it’s our job to make sure those bad stickers never see the light of day.

4 Ways we use Quality Control to spot bad stickers

Hand Cutting/Plucking

As stickers are trimmed down after coming off the plotter or pulled during the punch-cut process, our production teams have their first opportunity to notice if a sticker is mis-cut, oddly colored, or similarly wonky.

Hand Sorting

Initial sorting takes place in each department prior to orders making their way to Shipping for final QC. Keeping projects orderly, grouped, and clean. During this stage the stickers are less scrutinized but still looked at.

Hand Counting

All projects are hand-counted (no scales) in the Shipping Department. It’s during this stage that the final

Taste Testing

Kidding. Please don’t put stickers in your mouth.

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Outdoor Rating is a feature of our Custom Vinyl Stickers that protects against fading from prolonged exposure to the sun, wet weather conditions, and even abrasions in some cases. While different sticker types are Outdoor Rated in different ways, protection comes into play via 3 factors: Vinyl Manufacturing, Ink Type, and Protective Laminate.

Most Vinyl used in sticker production is engineered to protect against color fading, scratching, and exposure to moisture. If a material is not outdoor rated, it’s definitely NOT vinyl and you should inquire about the potential for durability.

Ink types will vary among printing processes, but the most commonly used inks in Screen-Printing and Digital Printing are Outdoor-Rated. UV protection will prevent colors from fading in the sun. Rain, snow, even sea water, are also non-threats. One type of ink that needs extra protection is Eco-Solvent Ink. Due to its chemical composition, Eco-Solvent Ink remains the safest choice during production and in relation to environmental impact, but this leaves it naturally prone to break down more easily when exposed.

The best way to strengthen stickers Digitally-printed with Eco-Solvent Inks is with a Protective Laminate. Pressing a non-removable clear laminate directly on top of printed vinyl stickers is ultimately the strongest protection against fading, harsh weather, and moisture at no extra cost. The artwork remains sealed in tight under the clear film.

This is a lot of information to digest, so if you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask by contacting us.

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Stickers are commonly associated with guerilla marketing and have firm roots in DIY culture, so when it comes in installation and application most will tell you a good rubbing with fingers will do the job to get your stickers firmly stuck.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When dealing with stickers that come with application masking (Standard Die-Cut, Kiss-cut) there’s one tool that can be difference between success and failure: a squeegee!

Not only is a squeegee an essential part of our Official DCS Sticker Application process, it also helps eliminate bubbles and comes in handy when applying large-format graphics. The wedge shape of the squeegee allows it to smooth down the masking material & adhesive in a uniform, even fashion. Not only is it superior to a sloppy finger rub, it also trumps the clunky square edge of a credit card.

Want to score a free squeegee? Mention this blog post when you Request A Quote.

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Standard Vinyl Die-cuts have lot of aliases and nicknames in the sticker industry and beyond. Here’s a list of common terms to avoid confusion and keep all of us on the same page.


Very popular among civilians. Its origin is based in model-making and car racing.

“Vinyl Die-cuts”

Usually heard from people with sticker experience. Includes all of our favorite descriptive sticker terms.

“Transfer Stickers”

A literal description calling out the distinct Application Masking/Transfer Tape feature.


Typically this is an industry-only term. The origin and true meaning has been lost to the annals of sticker history.

All these terms essentially mean the same thing. In order to avoid using overly-technical industry terms or relying on slang, we adopted Standard Vinyl Die-cut as a term that remains the clearest most concise version of the term.

Check out our Image Galleries to learn about the differences between all of our sticker types.

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Quote Form | Why It’s Important

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re pretty into stickers. You may have even shopped around a few different sticker shops looking for the best deal to fit your needs. First of all, thanks for choosing DCS. Second, you probably noticed we use a Quote Form rather than a price calculator.

Here’s why.

Details Matter

Split-backing. Reflective Material. Back-printing. Kiss-cutting. Details matter when it comes to stickers and without the info provided from filling out our Quote Form, it’s difficult for us to delve into those specifics with you.

You Needs ARE Specific

Speaking of specifics…based on your brand/business, marketing goals, and budget, your needs are going to be very unique to your situation. If we don’t have a chance to analyze those needs we’ll never be able to offer the entire breadth of our sticker expertise. The Quote Form helps lay out those needs.

Sticker Education

Inks, materials, cuts, customization. Stickers offer a lot of opportunities to stand out and be unique. Once you fill out our quote form, we’re going to respond with some recommendations and info that will probably blow your mind. A price calculator takes away that potential connection between us.

Pricing Is Complex

Nearly every aspect of a sticker affects pricing in some way. The only way we simplify our pricing is by taking away customization features and leaving you with a basic, plain, generic-shaped sticker. That is not or will ever be part of our business philosophy.

Bottom Line

We need to talk to you to show you the amazing possibilities. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it.

Make it happen now and Request A Quote.

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