The Importance of Proofing

Creating Custom Vinyl Stickers is a pretty complex process. It’s not quite as simple as receiving a file and hitting the ‘Print’ button, which is why we have an insurance policy in order to make sure that our team and our clients are on the same page before we proceed with a project.

This insurance policy is a document universally known as a Proof.

Our Sales Advisors will mock up your sticker project in a Digital File, indicate colors, layout custom cutlines, list quantities, work up pricing, and offer you a complete look at every aspect of your order. Once received, it’s the responsibility of you to review in full and look for any oversights, missing features, or inconsistencies with your expectations. Our Sales Advisors will do their best to explore all your needs, but we still need your help to fill in any gaps and mitigate any confusion.

It’s in our best interest to give you the best experience possible and to do that we need your help. Our motto is “Humans. Not robots.” but we can’t make it a reality without your critical participation.

Please review your Proofs and, as always, if you have any questions email us or call your Sales Advisor. Let’s work together to get you the best damn Custom Stickers on Earth.

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The Benefits of Sheeted Stickers

Let’s be real for a moment: you don’t always need Die-cut Stickers with a custom shape. Sometimes you need simple, nimble stickers that get the job done. If that’s the case it might be wise to leave your stickers sheeted rather than punched out.

The best way to tell is by interrogating your project with a few questions:

Are you using these for labeling?
Are they very small?
Do you want them to peel fast & easy?

If you answered yes to those questions, your life could be so much easier. In addition to application benefits, leaving stickers sheeted also helps speed up the cutting process considerably. Mention this to your Sales Advisor when you Request a Quote and we’ll make it happen during production.

It’s just that easy.

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Retail Packaging | Kiss-Cut Stickers

Did you know that right now your Kiss-cut Stickers are literally throwing away valuable space?

When we produce a Kiss-Cut Sticker excess vinyl around the design is weeded away and recycled. With a little creativity and some extra printing, you can turn that extra space into an eye-catching part of your graphic or even retail packaging.

Check out this example from The Heart Sticker Co. By integrating a few key features, their sticker is now ready to head straight to a shop and be sold.

Try this:

1. Create a larger background shape around your artwork, squares and circles work best.

2. Add additional branding like logos, familiar colors, or textures are a must.

3. Integrate barcodes for inventory purposes.

4. Product descriptions give you another opportunity for creative copy and communicating your brand’s story.

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Warehouse Safety Essentials

When your work in a rough and tough, razor’s-edge style environment like the DCS Sticker Warehouse safety is critical. Here’s a few of the essentials we use to keep things from coming apart at the seams.

Fire Extinguisher

Handy for freezing stuff or bonking thieves on the head. Also useful in putting out fires of all types.

Protective Face Shield

With a constant barrage of vinyl shrapnel flying at our faces, it’s critical to preserve what beauty we have left and also protect the eyes. Our face shields are made from tempered, bullet-proof glass…just like in the movies.

Safety Scissors

We actually don’t use scissors very often, but we do our best to avoid hedge-clipper style tools when we can. Plastic-handled safety scissors are sharp enough to cut paper but not our precious, fragile skin.


Nothing beats a classic. There’s no better way to plug those punctures or seal those cuts than a Band Aid. These are specially made in France.

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to be safe at DCS, so if you’re in the know drop us a line or get at us on Twitter.

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Trapping Explained

When it comes to offset Screen-Printing, keeping layers of color perfectly aligned (registration) 100% of the time is next to impossible.

Misregistration is an inevitability. How can you combat this and keep your artwork free of odd separations and white gaps?

1. In your initial design, create barriers and significant separations between adjacent colors that could potentially become misaligned.

2. The second answer is a method called Trapping. This process involves adding an extra stroke around letters or shapes to create coverage (called spreading) and print over exposed areas. If you’re not comfortable with the visual outcome, try using a black overprint stroke in its place.

Not sure about your artwork? Request A Quote and our team will advise on the best way to keep your graphic looking its best.

Be sure to also check out Screen Print Stickers vs Digital Die-cuts to determine your needs.

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About Die Cut Stickers

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