Durable Product Labels | Core Surf

Core Surf has been a DCS customer for several years and in that time they’ve been able to explore the depth of applications for stickers.

A perfect example: these Digital Die-cut Sticker with Matte Laminate created for the sole purpose of product labels. Heavy-duty, stickable, no glare, and ready to write on with a Sharpie (or similar marker).

Do you need tougher labels? Request A Quote.

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How To Outline Your Type

See that message above?

The Font in your design has gone missing. In order to make your stickers, we’re going to need to get it back.

A lengthy hunt of the Font file isn’t completely out of the question, but if you really want tackle the issue at it’s source just convert your Font to outlines.

Here’s how to in Adobe Illustrator:

1. Select all live type.
2. Click Type Menu > Create Outlines
3. Save your file.

This turns the letterforms into shapes, preserving the type on any platfrom and also avoiding a common misstep in the process of ordering your stickers.

Thanks for sitting in on another bit of Sticker Education. Read more of our Art Requirements and file setup tips, then Request A Quote.

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Go Pole | Sewing It Up

Good news!

DCS now offers sewn edges on Digitally-Printed Banners in orders of quantities over 50. If you want to get your Double Stitching on and take advantage of extra-awesome/mega-durable folded edges, we can help.

Our recent run of Digitally-Printed Banners for Go Pole was a huge success and we’re stoked to get more in the queue, but we’re going to need YOUR help.

Give us a hand by submitting your artwork Requesting A Quote.

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Image Resolution | Looking Your Best

Have a seat. Let’s take a minute to talk about Image Resolution.

If you send us an image file, like a .jpg or .psd file, that image was created with a fixed quality resolution that is measured in pixels (or dots) per inch. This determines not only the visual quality on-screen, but also print quality.

Ideally you want your Image Resolution to be 300 dpi or more at actual size for the image to look crisp and clean. Anything below that may appear blurry, blocky, fuzzy, or low-quality when printed as you can see in the example comparison above.

For Best Results: build your original artwork or capture your image at 300 dpi. Or opt for creating your art out of vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator to stay extra crispy at all times.

More questions? Request A Quote.

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Street League Skateboarding

DCS is extremely proud to partner up with with Street League Skateboarding for a massive run of Screen-Printed Stickers featuring their signature black, red, and white designs, along with some special Silver Metallic Spot Color and Clear Vinyl.

Arguably the biggest event in skateboarding, Street League will hit LA and New Jersey as their Summer Tour comes to a head.

Get all the details at StreetLeague.com and watch live on Fox Sports 1!

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