The N-Grained Inc. x Volcom Collection

No one embodies our rallying cry of “Power to the Makers” more than the talented and passionate crew at N-Grained, Inc.

Led by legendary pro-snowboarder Mark Landvik and held together by incredible artists like James Johnson, N-Grained is carving out a reputation for consistently cranking out breathtaking works.

The fine folks at Volcom tapped into this via Mark and together they created the N-Grained, Inc. x Volcom Collection, a full line of quality garments and other items featuring native art by James Johnson. We were absolutely blown away when we got a closer look at each piece and it was our pleasure to assist by producing some stickers for the collection, with our favorite being the Kiss-cut Transfer Sticker.

You can head over to and shop the collection now. A massive thank you goes out to the N-Grained crew for allowing us join them on their journey.

About N-Grained, Inc:

“N-grained, Inc. is a collaboration of like-minded artists, each venturing down their own path while pursuing the same vision. Our purpose is to create authentic works of art that are rich in culture and provide inspiration for others to find their own creativity within themselves. N-Grained, Inc. is raw, honest self-expression.”

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How To Order Stickers

Ordering stickers should be easy. In order to alleviate any confusion and make the process as simple as possible here’s a quick rundown of how to order custom stickers from us!

Head over to our website (congrats, you’re already here!) and skip to step 1.

1. Click on Request A Quote

Head over to to our Quote Form.

2. Upload Your Artwork

We’ll need your art file for preview, feedback, and pricing. Make sure you fill out all the pertinent project details, especially contact info.

PROTIP: Low-res art for quoting purposes is acceptable but wee need to collect hi-res, full size art for printing.

3. Wait

Hang tight while we process your request. Our team of actual humans is prepping a proof and working up pricing.

4. Approve your proof

This is maybe the most important thing you’ll ever do. Make sure sizing, quantity, and shape are all to your liking.

5. Pay for your order

Pay for your order via secure payment link so we can get rolling on the project.

6. Enjoy

Go absolutely nuts when your stickers arrive!


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The Powell Movement Podcast

DCS is proud to present the launch of The Powell Movement Podcast!

The brain-child of broadcaster and snow sports personality Mike Powell, The Powell Movement makes no apologies about its intent to talk some shit, ruffle some feathers, and dig beneath to the surface to really get to know action sports athletes and industry professionals alike.

Stay tuned every Monday for new episodes and interviews with an extremely heavy line-up.

Suscribe on iTunes and Stitcher and enjoy a compelling first episode with…

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Bath Time with Helly Hansen Workwear

2017 at DCS is already shaping up to be an amazing year.

After settling into our new facility in Tukwila, we were quick to get Vehicle Wrap projects lined up in the special install bay we’ve dubbed “The Hangar.” The first project is a Peterbilt semi-truck that required a good washing before our install team set about wrapping the entire cab + body. DCS owner Daniel Diederichs actually took it upon himself to rinse, sponge, and loofah the truck with his own hands and ensure the vehicle would be ready on wrap day.

With the weather being a crisp 45 degrees, it was crucial to stay dry and layered. Luckily we had a full set of Helly Hansen Workwear on hand to keep Daniel dialed. Helly Hansen has been a great customer for years and it was fun to take the opportunity to put their gear through the ringer. Within an hour we had the Peterbilt sparkling and nestled back inside, ready for fresh coat of not-paint the next day.

Make sure you stay tuned for photos of this project (and more) because The Hangar at DCS is going to be seeing plenty of action.

Here’s the finished wrap.

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Sticker Essentials | Freebies

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or you’re simply shipping out a standard product order, it’s the extra touches that create a memorable customer experience. Discounts make for a great opening salvo but it’s freebies that become the the icing on the cake.

Try including a couple of exclusive stickers featuring unique art, specialty materials, or even a sticker sheet to take the experience of unboxing to a whole new level. Watch brand loyalty and buzz build on social media and beyond.

Our friends at Blender’s Eyewear are a perfect example, creating a rotating collection of 3-4 stickers that come with every pair of sunglasses.

Request a Quote and let’s brainstorm some freebie ideas for your next promotion.

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