KAVU | The Big Bang Boom Sticker Pack

Our friends at outdoor lifestyle brand KAVU always do things with a certain level of awesomeness, so we weren’t totally surprised when they dropped this amazing stop-motion video to promote the release of their ‘BIG BANG BOOM’ Sticker Pack.

The video was filmed and edited by Dan Holmes, featuring music by Matt Millet. Here’s a few words by Dan on his process:

“There was no post effects used in this, it was all done in camera OG stop motion style. I used all things on hand: scissors, folding stickers, creasing stickers, and little post-it notes folded up underneath credit cards for example. I used a SONY A7R2 tethered to my computer for remote shooting then the frames were auto-imported into Lightroom so I could view the video basically by rifling through the images shot.”

Total number of images: 425
Shooting time: 5-6 hrs

You can pick up the ‘Big Bang Boom’ Sticker Pack now at KAVU.com, which includes 11 stickers in 2 application styles.

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Rainier Beer x Great PNW

Pacific Northwest pride is one of the strongest forces in the universe. For proof, look no further than our beer and our clothing brands. Our shared love for forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, permeates everything we do.

It’s because of this that a new collaboration apparel collection featuring Rainier Beer and The Great PNW was merely an inevitability. With their powers combined, they’ve assembled the pinnacle of wearable Washington State pride.

Check out the full collection HERE.

We’re proud to say we produced a run of limited-edition Screen Print Stickers for the their official launch party. Check out the details below and be there to celebrate the place we call home.

PS: There’s going to be beer.

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Fat Ski-A-Thon 2017 | High Fives Foundation

Check out the recap for High Fives Foundation‘s 2017 Fat Ski-A-Thon fundraiser!

High Fives provides grants to mountain sport athletes suffering the effects of life-altering injuries. They also teach safety courses and advanced decision-making training at schools locally in Vermont and across the US.

When all was said and done on March 5th, High Fives reported an estimate of $193k+ in online donations nearly hitting the original goal of $200k in a single day. Skiier and snowboards took hot laps under sunny skies to inspire support and encourage donations. The next day, an anonymous donor pledged $7k which allowed High Fives to reach its incredible goal!

DCS is proud to support the efforts of the High Fives Foundation and we are humbled & astonished at the amazing difference they make year after year. Be sure you watch the event recap video, check out the photos, and find out how you can get involved in supporting a great cause.

Visit highfivesfoundation.org for info.

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Strideline Socks | Reflective Sticker Process

The crew from Strideline Socks came through to the DCS Warehouse in Tukwila, Washington to document the creation of their new Reflective Vinyl Transfer Stickers.

Available now for a limited time in online orders.

Visit strideline.com

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The N-Grained Inc. x Volcom Collection

No one embodies our rallying cry of “Power to the Makers” more than the talented and passionate crew at N-Grained, Inc.

Led by legendary pro-snowboarder Mark Landvik and held together by incredible artists like James Johnson, N-Grained is carving out a reputation for consistently cranking out breathtaking works.

The fine folks at Volcom tapped into this via Mark and together they created the N-Grained, Inc. x Volcom Collection, a full line of quality garments and other items featuring native art by James Johnson. We were absolutely blown away when we got a closer look at each piece and it was our pleasure to assist by producing some stickers for the collection, with our favorite being the Kiss-cut Transfer Sticker.

You can head over to ngrainedinc.com and shop the collection now. A massive thank you goes out to the N-Grained crew for allowing us join them on their journey.

About N-Grained, Inc:

“N-grained, Inc. is a collaboration of like-minded artists, each venturing down their own path while pursuing the same vision. Our purpose is to create authentic works of art that are rich in culture and provide inspiration for others to find their own creativity within themselves. N-Grained, Inc. is raw, honest self-expression.”

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