O’Douds x Compas | A Nature Trail Collaboration

We recently had the opportunity to work with the everyday explorers at Compas on some Digitally Printed labels for their super-secret collab project with O’Douds Apothecary. Now that everything has launched we’re hyped to show off the final product.

Read below for details on the launch.

O’Douds x Compas – A Nature Trail Collaboration

The cedar and white pine pomade is the first product in our nature trail collaboration series. O’douds Apothecary is a young, New York based business dedicated to handmade, natural, high quality products. It was a natural fit for Compas to collaborate with O’Douds as part of The Wild Life collection. We shared in our desire to create the highest quality product inspired by the Catskills Mountain Range.

Our chief goal at Compas is to inspire you to explore and embrace the opportunities the world has for you, turn your dreams into a reality. #Exploremore

Can’t wait to see what else they guys have coming for Summer. Make sure you check out O’Douds and Compas online.

If you’re interested in some custom labels of your own Request A Quote.

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Captain Zeto | Power to the Makers

Guys, it’s time for you to step into the sculpted world of Captain Zeto. For the 2nd installment of our Power to the Makers series, we decided to get to know one of our newest and most talented friends.

DCS: Who is Captain Zeto?

Edgar: Captain Zeto in a few words is a couple, Sandra Mendez and Edgar Hernandez. They are both Sculptors, Graphic Designers, and art lovers.

DCS: Talk about how you were first introduced to sculpting.

Sandra: My father is a great sculptor and I was working with him since I can remember.
Edgar: My father in law is an amazing sculptor, he taught me all about it. And my wife Sandra of course, too.

DCS: What’s the origin of the MOTTO character?

Edgar: Motto is a mystery, who knows what is behind that mask and costume. He is whatever you want, you can use your imagination, could be a little sweet cat, a lost bat or a despicable monster.

Motto is the first Captain Zeto character, and people love it! So thanks to Motto we’re able to keep going with this project, and he’s like our first son.

DCS: Do you think you’ll ever fall out of love with skulls?

Edgar: No! Absolutely no way! But it’s not a rule that all characters have to be skulls. It’s just a coincidence :)

DCS: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Edgar: Our main inspiration is Japan. Toys and cartoon from 60′s to 90′s like Mazinger Z, Ultraman, He-Man, Ninja Turtles, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, and more. We love Sufubi, old toys, art toys and traditional art.

DCS: What else is on the horizon for Captain Zeto?

Edgar: We have a lot, and I mean a lot, of ideas and characters for the future unfortunately we have just 4 hands. We are looking for some company to work with us to make the vinyl toys to be able to release more characters faster.

Friday, June 10 we’ll have an opening reception at Vision Gallery in Chandler, AZ. We’re showing some of our Traditional art (Sculptures) and one of our toys “The Captain.” We don’t make a lot of shows because we sell almost everything online.

A video posted by Captain Zeto (@captainzeto) on

Thanks, guys!

Visit CaptainZeto.com to see their latest works and newest collections of limited-edition toys and collectibles.

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Die-Cuts and the Importance Of People

So, we definitely understand that the common perception is probably that a button is pressed and fresh stickers come out of a machine.

Luckily, that’s not the case and we do couldn’t be done without an incredible team of humans. While manufacturing stickers certainly relies on machinery and automated equipment, the most critical stages of production are done by hand, courtesy of our incredible crew.

Repetively plucking, masking, trimming, and counting takes a special mindset and impressive focus. We couldn’t be prouder of our team for toiling away every single day for our customers with precision and diligence.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (diecutstickers) for a closer look at the awesome folks that do what they do to take us to new levels of sticker-making year after year.

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Back to Back-Print | Pact Apparel

Back-Print is the “Backbone” of any good marketing campaign. Pun intended.

Whether you’re looking to promote awareness, social media visibility, reward people with discount codes, or simply direct your audience to a destination a 1 or 2 color Back-Print on a Screen-Printed Sticker is the way to go.

That’s just what our friends at a Pact Apparel have done to gain themselves some momentum and reward their fans, new and old, with these discount codes.

Brainstorm some Back-Print ideas over at the DCS Pinterest and then Request A Quote!

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What’s New | Snapcode Stickers

If you’re familiar with Snapchat, you already know that scanning someone’s unique Snapcode with your mobile device’s camera or from a screenshot will automatically follow them for you.

Did you know we can print scannable stickers of your code? It’s actually super-easy. Our pal Mike Smith Live is currently using them to help point the thousands of high school students he meets on a weekly basis to his Snapchat.
The idea is catching some serious momentum with many of our other customers looking to drive traffic to their social media account.

Read on for info on how to get your own Snapcode Stickers.

How to Get Your Snapcode Stickers:

1. Screenshot Your Snapcode.
2. Add branding/tweak the design or leave it unaltered, just don’t mess with the dots.
3. Request a Quote or email it it to us.

ALSO: Don’t forget about Back-Printing. Add more Social info, your website url, a nugget of wisdom, or a map to your secret lair.

If you have additional questions, email us or hit us up on the Tweets.

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