Outdoor Retailer 2016

The DCS crew will be in Salt Lake City this weekend to connect with customers, old and new, while spreading the good word of stickers at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

Connect with us on Social Media if you want to meet up and talk all things sticky.


You can also go behind the scenes of our trip on Snapchat. Screen shot our snapcode or search “diecutstickers.”

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James Johnson Pt. 2 | Power to the Makers

Here it is: Part 2 of our “Power to the Makers” spotlight on James Johnson. You can read Part 1 HERE.

DCS: Tell us about N-grained Gallery and your involvement in that.

James: Lando actually founded N-Grained Inc. 5 years ago. It was when he blew out his knee during the filming for Art of Flight, he focused on woodworking and decided to start a business for it. But, it wasn’t until May 2015 that he wanted to make N-Grained Inc. an artist collaboration.

Mark and I grew up snowboarding together in Alaska. As kids, we also played on the same little league baseball and football teams. Over the years we kept in touch and when I started carving masks he’d trade his snowboards for them. He was always a fan of native art. I remember I got a phone call out of the blue from Mark saying, “I have some artists coming up to my house in Bellingham, WA, I’d like you to come up for the weekend.” 2 days later I was on a plane. Jamie Lynn picked me up from the airport, that was pretty wild. He is such a legendary icon in snowboarding. I learned he was really into Native Art as well, and was a huge fan of Charles Edenshaw (one of the all-time greatest Haida artists). That weekend I banged out an Eagle piece on a beautiful piece of live-edge Sppalted Maple. I didn’t realize it, but the trip was like a job interview. When Lando dropped me off at the airport after, he told he wanted me as one of the featured artists for his company N-Grained Inc… Since then, everything took off.

The purpose for N-Grained Inc is to create authentic pieces of art that are rich in culture. I don’t have the words for how appreciative I am for the opportunity. Mark has opened up a lot of avenues for me as an artist, I’m really thankful for that. He’s also learning form-line and carving masks now, too. He’s killing it.

Most people just need someone to believe in them, to give them that little spark to be inspired and Mark did that for me with N-Grained Inc.

DCS: What’s next for you?

James: We have a lot happening this year. This past June 2 of my pieces were selected to be featured at the 2016 Sealaska Celebration Juried Art Show in Juneau, AK at the Walter Soboleff Cultural Center. The show runs thru end of September. Sealaska also just brought me on as an artist, it’s such an honor to be associated with them. Sealaska is working to make Juneau the capital for Northwest Coast Native Art.

I’m also delivering a piece to the Volcom headquarters soon, they have a ton of amazing art inside there. I’m happy to have the opportunity to share Tlingit art with them, it’s great exposure for our culture. We are also going to set up art pieces at Baldface Lodge in Nelson, BC for the upcoming winter season, it looks so beautiful up there. I’m set to paint a mural in Montreal, CA this year sometime, looking forward to that. An architect in Vancouver approached us about carving a totem pole for his client’s house. Lando and I are excited for that one and I want to get Jamie Lynn involved on that one, too. We’ll carve it out in Bellingham. We’re planning a re-launch for ngrainedinc.com with a bunch of new goodies very soon.

Also looking forward to seeing Brainfarm’s new vid, “The Fourth Phase” premiering in September. I know Mark has put a ton of work into that, can’t wait to see it. Other than that, we’ll take things as they come, we’re always open for new ideas.

Thank you to Vans and Volcom for the support. Sealaska Heritage in Alaska. Lando for everything. My wife Gretchen for supporting me thru all this, it wouldn’t be possible without you. My late father Franklin, I miss you everyday. My son Elias, you’re the reason I live.

DCS: Thanks for opening up your incredible world and sharing with us. That. Was. Amazing.

James: Thank you to Diecutstickers.com for the opportunity! Thank you, Daniel

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The Glory of Sticker Packs

The math is simple: Header Card + Bag + Sticker Assortment = next-level stickering.

Take an all-star lineup of your best graphics, best slogans, strongest branding and combine them to create the ultimate sticker offering. Then pass the radness on to your fans, friends, and cohorts.

Get your own Sticker Packs in motion with us by doing these things:

Check out our Art Requirements.
Download the Header Card Template.
Then Request A Quote.

High Fives Foundation Sticker Pack Available here

Shop 412 Sticker Pack available here

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James Johnson Pt. 1 | Power to the Makers

Through our relationship with N-grained, Inc we were introduced to a man of mellow charm and incredible talent. Through this interview we discovered an epic story of tradition, skill, unique challenges, and a mind-blowing legacy in progress.

This is Part 1 of our “Power to the Makers” interview with artist James Johnson.

DCS: For those who don’t know, who is James Johnson?

James: I am Tlingit Indian from Juneau, AK. I belong to the Ch’aak Dakl’awedi Clan (Eagle/Kllerwhale). I’m an artist for N-Grained Inc, founded by Mark Landvik. I’m a husband and a father.

My son Elias is my biggest inspiration for my art. He was born with a life threatening genetic disorder called Cystic Fibrosis (you can learn more at www.cff.org). When my son was born, it was heart breaking to hear the average life expectancy of a person with CF is 39 years old. I had never cried in front of my wife until the day he was diagnosed. But, we made the decision right away to not hold Elias back from anything, we are going to give him every chance to live a full life. He requires a lot of treatments everyday, his care and his health is my main priority. Kids with CF are very resilient, they work so hard just to do what we take for granted, which is just to breathe.

Elias has taught me to value every second you get in this life, focus on what matters most. For me, it’s all him.

DCS: Your cultural heritage is a crucial part of your work. What was your upbringing like and how did you develop your painting & carving skills?

James: My late father Franklin Johnson was the first person to encourage me to carry on the Tlingit culture thru my artwork. He was my biggest supporter for sure when I first started. He passed away 2 years ago, I think about my dad often when I’m painting or carving, I know he’s smiling alongside me when I finish a piece.

I am self-taught, which is a rare thing for Tlingit art. Traditionally, the art is passed down from generation to generation. But, I didn’t really get into Tlingit art until 8 years ago. I currently live in Phoenix, AZ, so I wasn’t able to apprentice under an artist to have the knowledge passed down to me directly. I am the first Tlingit artist in my family line. There are a lot of fundamentals and principles behind what you see visually. The form line tell stories of our culture and heritage, lines are symmetrical, sizes and widths are exact, you have to balance the positive and negative spaces, everything is very precise. I’ve spent a lot of time reading books about form line, studying old photographs of artwork, and looking at pieces in museums.

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent carving in my garage when it’s over 100 degrees in Arizona. I had to develop these fundamentals on my own through a lot of practice. As an artist, you learn the fundamentals, but how you apply them to your art develops your style.

DCS: What does it mean to you personally to carry on the traditions of your people through your art?

James: My favorite Tlingit artist I look up is Nathan Jackson, he is all-time. In 2012, I had one of my masks selected for the Sealaska Celebration Juried Art Show in Juneau, Alaska. Nathan was one of the jurors who selected my piece, and I asked him to critique my work. I was so nervous. Long story short, he told me how bad I was, haha. But, instead of getting discouraged, I used that feedback as motivation to become better. This past year, I was able to finally meet Nathan in person. It was such an honor. I had to work hard to get to where I’m at. But, the beauty is, developing your form-line and carving is a life-long learning process, the progression is never ending. Now, everyday I do something to better my art, that’s what you have to do if you want to be good. Northwest Native art is so beautiful, I feel that this is what I’m meant to be doing with my life.

That is everything to me. The artwork that I do was created hundreds of years ago by my ancestors, they created and developed this art form into what you see today. We are all creating our interpretation of it, while preserving the traditions of the culture. The art form was passed down from generation to generation. During the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, a lot of the traditions were lost in all native cultures. Potlatches and ceremonies were outlawed, the language was not allowed to be spoken in schools, the onset of disease drastically reduced entire native populations, and entire villages were left abandoned. Native people suffered, and there was a generation gap where the art form suffered as well. The time period was very tragic.

So, I see it as this beautiful gift was placed into my hands by my ancestors, it is my privilege to carry it through my lifetime, then pass it on to the next generation. I’m going to make the most out of it, leave my mark long after I’m gone, and hopefully pass it on to my son Elias.

I’m honored to do my part.

DCS: 3 questions in and already we’re blown away. Stay tuned for Part 2!

Read Part 2 HERE.

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DCS Vinyl Color Chart

Still The Standard

Standard Vinyl Die-Cuts (aka Decals aka Transfer Stickers) are STILL cut directly from a vinyl that comes manufactured in a variety of colors and are NOT printed in any way.

An Important Update

To see the color options we offer in all their vinyl glory, look no further than our handy updated DCS Color Chart above. You can choose from our expanded inventory and most frequently ordered colors, as well as reference their closest Pantone match. Even though these are our primary stock colors, make sure to inquire about other colors as MANY are available.

Stay Sharp

You can also keep the chart handy by downloading the PDF HERE, but make sure to check our Standard Vinyl Die-cut page periodically for updates.

As always, reach out to us by Requesting A Quote.

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