You like donuts, right? Thought so.

Do you like super secret, magic ingredients?

You don’t think those exist? Why so skeptical?

We can debate magic all day, but the point is that Dank Donuts has a sure-fire secret recipe for their dessert treats. The buzz currently making its rounds in the California region is nearing dangerous levels. It’s time to check these out for yourself and see what all the noise is about.

Currently the roster of Dank products is limited to donuts and stickers, the latter being provided by the friendly folks right here at Diecutstickers.com. No, we haven’t tried any of the donuts but we hear things. The kids are talking…with their taste buds.

Head over to the Dank Donuts Facebook Page to start your adventure.

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  • Shanygne Broome

    Hey, you guys have a pretty sick donuts company & I was just wondering how I’d be able to get your products or recieve some of your stickers. Thanks. Stay awesome.