DCS Sponsors the 2015 Drink Water Rat Race

DCS is proud to announce that we’re back for another year of supporting Drink Water‘s Rat Race!

The summer tradition continues as Brian Fox and Austin Smith rally the snowboard community around the life-giving liquid that supports us all…water! This banked slalom event will pit pro vs pro to find out who walks home with bragging rights, while also raising funds for water.org.

DCS is back on board as a sponsor offering up Stickers, Banners, and some Staked Signage and we couldn’t be more excited. The success we’ve experienced in nearly 15 years has given us so many gifts and it’s our duty to give back to those in need. The snowboarding community has seen fit to rally their passion around a great cause and we’re committed to doing our part by joining them. Last year the Rat Race raised just over $20k and we’re looking to top that.

Check out wedrinkwater.com for info and follow DCS on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for wild times on the top of Mt. Hood.

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