>Grass Roots Outdoors (GRO), Bryce Yamasaki, & Evolve Tours

> 1-3′ x 8′ full color banner printed onto 13oz banner material for http://www.grosnow.com/

Grass Roots Outdoors, is a new shop located at 500 SE Everett Mall Way, here in Washington. If your looking for gear to hit the slopes with this winter, check out Grass Root Outdoors. We did 200-custom 1-color diecut stickers of their logo , 75-custom 1-color diecut stickers of their “evolution logo”, and 500-custom digital stickers in assorted colorways.Their new site is coming soon! and you can check it out here: http://www.grosno.com/
We did these standard diecut stickers, for Bryce Yamasaki. Thanks, for the order Bryce, we hope you like them!
Thanks to Daniel Rinzler, with Evolve Tours, for your order. You can learn more about what Evolve Tours, is all about at their website: http://www.evolvetours.com/

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