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10,000 – Two Color Screen-Print Stickers at 6.69″

Prior to a life of humble and quiet sticker-making, the DCS team was actually a tactical special-forces squad operating deep in the jungles of South America. During a rather routine rescue mission we encountered a never-before-seen enemy that hunted us for sport and camouflaged itself by bending light via alien technology. Taking it down was quite a task and after that little road bump we decided to resign ourselves to a low key life of stickering.

HK Army is diligently providing mercenaries and their homies with stylish and sassy apparel in a new age. This speaks to the nostalgia in our hearts but is also very progressive. Much respect to the brand and much love for a wonderful continued business relationship! Cheers!

HK Army | Incorporeal

The HK Army is an apparel company that has its fingers firmly planted into the Paintball lifestyle and stretches into music, art, and even footwear.
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