Lemon & Line

“The history is a little foggy, but the brand was launched one summer night over a ration of Dark & Stormys. Staring down at the weathered turks head bracelet on his wrist, life-long sailor David Norton saw the opportunity for something different.”

The sea-faring world is a perfect match for DCS. Our stickers are outdoor-rated against elements like seawater, wind, rain, the rays of the sun, and possibly even sharks. When Lemon & Line came to us as nautically-inclined brand, we were stoked at another opportunity to deliver our custom vinyl stickers to a unique audience that would push their endurance to new levels.

If you’re not familiar with Lemon & Line, check out their line of marine-grade bracelets at www.lemonandline.com and start a journey to find the sailor inside you.

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