Live For Today Foundation

“Cancer interrupts school, relationships, careers, getting married, and having children. We are here to empower young adults with cancer by focusing on living, not cancer.”

This is the mission of the Live For Today Foudation, keeping emphasis on positive experience and the best offerings life has to offer. Such a rad mission that promotes hope & strength in the face of adversity!

Another great opportunity has come around for our crew to create stickers for an amazing non-profit. As you can see, their 2 color die-cut sticker came out great.

Make sure you get involved in any way you can, visit and support life!

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  • suzyframe

    Thanks for sharing this great information! I have been looking into die cut decals portland or and all the things that I can find there for my crafts! Can you tell me where to find more?

  • Live For Today Foundation

    Thanks so much for the AWESOME stickers! We love them and can’t wait to give some away at our first big event this weekend in Jacksonville, FL! Looking forward to ordering more from you all soon…