Nail Surf Decks | Concrete Ripping

The late Heath Ledger starred in a 70′s period film about skate culture and rebellious youth rioting in the streets on 4-wheeled planks of pure defiance. The film was called Lords of Dogtown. Prior to that, famed skateboarder Stacey Peralta created an even more dramatic AND historically accurate portrayal of that era in his documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys. Your homework is to go watch both films in reverse order, grow your hair out, work on your tan, and cut a path through your neighborhood streets on a skateboard.

After you’ve made the proper examination of your life accomplishments up to this point, find your own style and keep cruising. You’ll be thankful for it.

Nail Surf Decks is a company built on a path to discovery, passion, and love of skateboarding. No homework or movies. Check out the unique line of hand-crafted, wood cruisers and ride straight into the best parts of a bygone era.

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