>Nike 6.0 Stickers


 click photo above for link.
1-color custom Nike 6.0 diecut stickers.
Custom Nike 6.0 Surf Stickers.
Thank you to everyone at Nike 6.0, for your continued support. These stickers are Rad!


The Nike 6.0 brand defines innovation and embodies the creativity of youth, united by action. Nike 6.0 delivers footwear and apparel to support the new generation of action sports athletes who are changing the worlds of surf, snow, ski, BMX, wake and moto. Their unlimited potential and contagious energy deliver the future through performance and lifestyle.
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  • 053baee8-d1dd-11e0-881a-000bcdcb471e

    >i want a red 6.0 sticker

  • jharding

    where can i buy the nike 6.0 with green outline