Operativ | Defining Decals

At DCS we offer a wild variety of unique vinyl products that can all trace their roots back to basic stickers. Probably the simplest and most well-known sticker is the Standard Vinyl Die-cut aka DECAL.

Vinyl is cut out via plotter and sandwiched between a Backing Paper and an Application Masking. Once that Backing is removed, the sticker is applied to a surface and then the masking is peeled away, leaving only the pure artwork in vinyl. No printing needed.

We took the bold, iconic Operativ logo and cut out a run of Standard Vinyl Die-cuts as promotional pieces for their brand. Soon these sticker will find their way to bikes, helmets, ramps, cars, stop signs, and countless other surfaces.

Check out OperativBrand.com and see how you can get your hands on these.

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