Ruckus Apparel | Elevating Style with Matte Lam

Ruckus Apparel is a brand that oozes style. Their simple one-color graphics on largely black, white, and gray clothing are timeless additions to any wardrobe, but how do we translate that same style to stickers?

We started with Ruckus contributing a classic graphic as only they can in clean black & white. Next we printed the graphic as a Digital Die-cut and it was time to add a protective over-laminate to prevent fading, scratching, and repel rain/water.

Rather than go with our popular Semi-Gloss, we used a Matte Laminate that softens up glare and mutes the black print for a faded, moody look. Not only does it capture the feel of the Ruckus brand, but it’s also protecting the sticker from the elements.

If you think you might want Matte Lam for your next project, Request A Quote or tag your graphic with @diecutstickersdotcom on Instagram.

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