Any respecting startup in this day and age requires one thing (besides a business) and that thing is…


Rather than take the easy way out, Stackdriver decided to go in the direction of vinyl die-cuts of the two color variety. Not only does this require a painstaking, grueling process to create, but their logo also happens to be massively detailed in the cubed portion of the graphic.

The outcome: WE DID IT.

We really, really hope Stackdriver likes these stickers. It took our best people on our best day doing some of our best all-time work.

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  • Daniel Ruby

    Yeah, we love ‘em. Ran out of them at a major tradeshow and had people pointing at my laptop asking if I could mail them some when we got back to the office.

    These are fantastic, and it took me forever to find someone who could actually do the die-cut on the boxes. Y’all know we’ve already re-ordered once, we’re proud to have these representing our brand.

    - Dan Ruby, Stackdriver marketing lead