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1 – 1-color white vinyl diecut sticker at 8.172″ x 42″

Thank you Greg Kroleski, of Surf Science for your order. If you are a surfer, visit Surf Science! This site will be on your favorites list!


SurfScience.com is dedicated to helping you reach the next level in your surfing. Whether that is learning to surf, advancing to an intermediate level or starting to rip, we want to help you get there.

Surfing can get frustrating, learning about board design can help you ride a board that is better fit for your ability, body type and wave conditions.
Check out our site, become our fan and let us know what you think.
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  • Learn to surf

    >If youre interested in learning to surf dont be intimidated by the sport, or the thought of finding the perfect beginner beach. Instead, consult the internet, sign up for lessons, go make a vacation out of learning to surf with an instructional vacation package and get yourself on your way to conquering your next sport. At this point you have nothing to lose but your balance, and that is only temporary. Learn to surf