>Surfing Magazine and NIKE 6.0 Ad in the April 2010 Issue


April 2010 Issue.
Click here or on the above photo for a direct link to Surfing Magazine’s website.
Congratulations to Michel Bourez for his most recent ad-spot with Nike 6.0. Check out the ad in the April 2010 issue of Surfing Magazine on page 37 and be sure to pay special attention to all of the NIKE 6.0 die-cuts on his surf boards! DCS is proud to be the premiere die-cut sticker vendor for NIKE 6.0 and we look forward to following the successes of the 6.0 Team this summer and watching our stickers in action all over the world!
If you’ve had stickers made by us here in the DCS Sticker Lab, be sure to forward us photos of your stickers in-action so we can post them up on our BLOG and share with the world.


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