>The Cult of Done


125 – 3 Color Screen Printed on clear vinyl at 3.125 x 5″
The Cult of Done won’t ask you to drink any mysterious drinks, but it will ask you to accept some truths and take some action. A simple, 13 point manifesto is their empire. DCS couldn’t be happier to be making some visually striking stickers for a productive movement that encourages people to see things through and take ownership. We’re particularly happy with the visual effect of a 3-color screen print on clear vinyl. Don’t be surprised if you see these stickers mysteriously peppering a city near you. DONE.
CoD | Origin
Dear Members of the Cult of Done,

I (Bre Pettis) present to you a manifesto of done. This was written in collaboration with Kio Stark in 20 minutes because we only had 20 minutes to get it done.
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