Think Thank Winter Social: Reunion Edition

13 years. 15 movies.

Snowboard film collective Think Thank is currently living the definition of “legacy” while showing zero signs of slowing down with the release of “The Weather Outside is Weather.”

This new flick is shaping up to their most unique and ambitious offering to date thanks to the visionary creative direction of Sean Lucey. Here’s a quote straight from founding family The Burtner’s on the subject ,”With free reign and bold vision, director Sean Lucey takes Think Thank’s motto of ‘progression through creativity’ to all new heights.”

For riders, filming with Think Thank has become a rite of passage. A veritable who’s who of the most creative and influential riders in snowboarding have filmed landmark parts with Think Thank including Jess Kimura, Sean Genovese, Chris Beresford, Scott Stevens, Desiree Melancon, Ted Borland, and Ryan Paul.

Join us for the Seattle premiere at Think Thank’s Winter Social with JB, Pika, Sean, and probably the whole dang crew. It’s a dance, a reunion, a winter formal, and a celebration of creativity all in one place.

RSVP + get details at the event page.

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