Transfer Sticker Masking | Paper vs Clear

If you’re ready to get your own Vinyl Die-cuts (Transfer Stickers), choosing the right Application Masking (Transfer Tape) for the job is key.

Here’s what you need to know about each type.

Paper Masking

-Uses Low-tack adhesive for a smooth, effortless release.
-Essential for installing Large Format Graphics.
-Easily Tearable for complex installs in unique spaces.

Clear Masking

-High-tack adhesive.
-Holds onto Small, detailed Vinyl Pieces.
-Clearly displays your graphic for alignment or retail settings.

Even though Application Masking isn’t complex, it can be a critical feature based on your end-use needs and the nature of your graphic. Make sure you inquire about recommendations when you Request-A-Quote and our team can assist.

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