Vultra Video | VHS Villainy

Vultra Video is resurrecting the film format of VHS!

Standing on the corpses of history’s greatest heroes like Vestron Video, Cannon Films, and New World Video, the duo at Vultra is signaling the charge of the tape revival. Expect genre-rich faux trailers, obscure treasures re-released and even full-length features shot on glorious VHS.

Are you shaking? It’s ok. Stay calm. Focus.

Looking to help out, spread the word, or just curious about their offerings? This is Vultra Video on Facebook.

80′s style is the new vintage and these stickers are CLASSIC. Get your hands on ‘em and tells the boys that DCS sent you.

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  • David Royal

    Awesome write up! You guys are the BEST! – David Royal (Co-founder of Vultra Video)