Warehouse Safety Essentials

When your work in a rough and tough, razor’s-edge style environment like the DCS Sticker Warehouse safety is critical. Here’s a few of the essentials we use to keep things from coming apart at the seams.

Fire Extinguisher

Handy for freezing stuff or bonking thieves on the head. Also useful in putting out fires of all types.

Protective Face Shield

With a constant barrage of vinyl shrapnel flying at our faces, it’s critical to preserve what beauty we have left and also protect the eyes. Our face shields are made from tempered, bullet-proof glass…just like in the movies.

Safety Scissors

We actually don’t use scissors very often, but we do our best to avoid hedge-clipper style tools when we can. Plastic-handled safety scissors are sharp enough to cut paper but not our precious, fragile skin.


Nothing beats a classic. There’s no better way to plug those punctures or seal those cuts than a Band Aid. These are specially made in France.

We’re constantly looking for new and innovative ways to be safe at DCS, so if you’re in the know drop us a line or get at us on Twitter.

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