Wizard’s Eye Expedition | Watching The Storm

THE WIZARD’S EYE EXPEDITION from Wizard's Eye on Vimeo.

Wizard’s Eye is a new web series focusing on a 5-year journey to seek out the most extreme adventures our planet has to offer. Spearheaded by the world-record holding Tyler Bradt, his crew will sail the globe pushing physical & emotional limits and ultimately crushing their own fears in the process. Some people operate on an entirely different level and are destined to experience events mere mortals can hardly fathom. This March, we get to see the video diary of such a life.

Little doubt exists that our stickers will be able to keep up with the exploits of this crew, but we’re anxious to see what kind of mayhem they can bring forth. The whole office is buzzing and we’re officially hyped to play a part in such a legendary journey. (stickers pictured below/respect the eye)

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