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50 - "Rasta" Vinyl Die-cut stickers at 6"
50 - "Rasta" Vinyl Die-cut stickers at 2.25"
100 - "Rainbow" Vinyl Die-cut stickers at 2.25"

With several key team members hailing from the South Sound, working on collaborations with 253 Heart is (no pun intended) a labor of love. The 253 area code is ripe with amazing creative minds and passionate people making waves all around the sound. This particular group has a quirky origin and their continued evolution is an interesting to follow. At this point, 253 Heart is growing into a compelling partnership with various artists and generating money for local charities. DCS is excited to be working with 253 Heart and we can't wait to see which new paths they tread with their message of local pride and love.

253 Heart | The Story

I created the design while sketching some graffiti ideas on Christmas day 2007. I was sitting at the kitchen table in the house owned at that time by Oliver Doriss, so Tacoma hung thick in the air like the threat of snow. Uncle Eli was cooking up some crazy veggie spaghetti from the produce we had rescued from the dumpster at Stadium Thriftway. When I turned my page sideways, to my disbelief and delight, I saw a heart had been created in the odd way I had written our beloved area code. "DUCE-NICKLE-TRIZZLE", Oliver said. 

-Daniel Blue