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1,000 - Screen printed circle cut stickers with QR Codes

Andy Layman in an industrious young man. Along with his partner Mr. Pfeifer, they've managed to construct a location-based apparel brands that threatens to harmoniously unite ALL REGIONS. The forward thinking and dangerous ideals of just might result in everyone being happy in the same place at the same time. Who knows what that could lead to...

At any rate, DCS definitely appreciates their business and we applaud their success on the precipice of their . Make sure to give these fellows a look and see all they have to offer in the way of men's and women's lifestyle garments.

Our latest collaborama was nothing short of genius as their design was a clever mash-up of the RMR logo and a QR code helpfully directing those with the benefit of certain mobile devices to their web site. A conceptual screen print never looked so good!

For more info on RMR's 1 Year Anniversary in Ellensburg,WA go

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Respect My Region isn’t about just my region or just your region, or just the Northwest. It’s about uniting different “Regions” in the hope that we can all come together.