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50 - Digital Die-Cut Stickers at 5"

"We create the most perfect of human inventions, the bicycle. We have chosen to build the bicycle because of its ability to spark conversation about sustainability, transportation, and health. As a bicycle is inherently about movement it transmits these ideas on its way. The bike transports ideas about culture, social change, music, and art. This is akin to the bumblebee as it goes about the pollination of plants. Bombus Bike owners are pollinators and bicycles are their wings."

Bombus said it best. As part of Secret Seattle, this not-so-secret frame shop is taking bike love to another plane of existence. Words like trust, commitment, and integrity go hand in hand with passion for the crew at Bombus. Hand over your bike needs and join the hive.

Bombus | Fly Like a Bee

Bombus Bikes is a frame shop dedicated to the individual needs and desires of everyday cycling enthusiasts. We build custom steel bicycle frames ready for all your amazing riding adventures.

Our frames are handmade to order in Seattle with care and attention to detail that only a craftsman can offer. Our utilitarian designs are elegant, simple and durable. The ride is simply agile, efficient and comfortable.

The Latin genus name, Bombus is derived from the ancient Greek bombos (βόμβος), meaning a deep humming, buzzing, or booming sound.

Like the bumblebees who share our name these bikes are sure to create a buzz on the streets.