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20 - 1-color vinyl stickers at 4" wide.
10 - 1-color vinyl stickers at 8" wide. 

Thank you Lynnwood Cherry III, of Brackish Co. for your order. If you haven't heard about Brackish yet, let DCS be the first to introduce...

Over 15 years ago we first strapped in to what instantly became our lifestyle. The addiction of snowboarding is undeniable. Finally, with years and years of ideas, sketches and serious chair lift conversations. Brackish is being brought to life.

The industry is much different now and snowboarding is allowed at nearly every resort/mountain in the world. Whether or not you enjoy the "main stream" that is exactly what snowboarding has become. However the purity and the roots of snowboarding have never left. Brackish is anchored by these roots and we want to keep these roots prevalent in snowboarding. We also realize what we are embarking on is nearly impossible in an industry full of giants. We will do what we can at a pace that we can manage and hopefully what we have in store for you and snowboarding will happen sooner than later.

So please keep tabs on Brackish and if your friends love to ride spread the word.