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500 - digital die-cut stickers at 6 x 6"
DCS is happy to be producing digital die-cut stickers for Brentwood Christian School. A complex, classic design like this really allows the production team to show off our skills and these 6 x 6 die-cuts turned out great. We wish Brentwood Christian all the best in continuing their positive educational endeavors and look forward to more orders to come! 
BCS IS... 

Brentwood Christian School (BCS) is a private, Christian institution offering a Christian pre-school, elementary, and secondary education alternative to families in the Austin, Texas, area. Founded as a kindergarten and first grade in 1963, the school has grown to one of the largest private schools in Austin, offering a complete K-12 educational experience. Today, over 713 students attend Brentwood Christian, and this year BCS will graduate its 24th class of seniors. This year's senior class numbers 54 students from the Austin area.

Brentwood Christian is a family-friendly school, focused on readying its students for advanced education and for successful, Christian lives of leadership and service. The school is, and has been for its 40+ year history, a place where Austin-area families can turn for a quality education that includes and prioritizes the instilling of traditional Christian values and the fostering of a love for God in its students.