The Camp Out | Non-Traditional Non-Profit |

The Camp Out | Non-Traditional Non-Profit

"We are a queer arts space dedicated to increasing opportunities for queer artists and to fostering dialogues about queer representation in the arts. All are welcome! We hope to bring together diverse communities from in and around Seattle to celebrate and support awesome, local artists."

Well, you can't argue with that. The Camp out is ready to start a conversation, promote the arts, and better the community. While we at DCS try to steer clear of hot-button political issues, working in the sticker biz has taught us to be open to new ideas, new clients, and new lifestyles in the name of growth.

Certainly we wish the best of luck to the unique endeavors of The Campout and we hope that our custom vinyl stickers put a little momentum into their awareness campaign as they move toward a late December opening.

With their website currently under construction HERE, check out the Camp Out Facebook Page to stay abridged of news and events.