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250 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 5" wide.
Thank you to Central Overland Travels, for your order. If you are in the south-central United States, be sure to visit their site!
Central Overland Travels is an Arkansas-based enthusiast community, media provider, and event host. We offer our members and clients an online forum for strengthening relationships throughout the central region’s overlanding network; we distribute regular feature content which provides access to industry leaders, current trends and other information specific to the overlanding lifestyle; and, we host regional semi-annual rallies which allow our members to see first-hand the latest equipment and products from vendors and manufacturers; 
Central Overland Travels maintains an experienced guide service. We lead vehicle-dependent backcountry adventures into remote and scenic areas of the south-central United States. These turn-key overland adventures range from one day to one week; we designate routes for the family SUV and off-road enthusiasts alike; we can tailor a quiet trip for scenic beauty or we can take you to the edge of your comfort zone. It is our intent that clients return home having learned more about our region, more about the capabilities of their vehicle, and more about themselves and travel companions. Our broad regional knowledge, together with our overland travel experience, ensures that your journey will be safe, instructive, and exhilarating.