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>Cobblestone Rue, Guillobel, & Dmaxstore.com

> 1,000-842" x 2.5"-3M Brand digital diecut stickers for Cobblestone Rue. You can check them out at http://www.cobblestonerue.com/ DCS, would like to thank Adrienne, for your order!

Thank you, Catrina & Paulo, with Guillobel Jiu Jitsu, for your order of 500-4.27" x 7"-2-color diecut stickers.

160- 1-color diecut stickers in silver, red, & white, for Michael Durand, at Dmaxstore.com. They are the first "Duramax Diesel Only Site" check them out at http://www.dmaxstore.com/ for more info. Thanks for your order!