It's Tits! |

It's Tits!

Say What?

Don't let the name fool you; It's Tits is exactly what you think it is...if you think it's the clever marriage of a next-level snowboard jam session with a fundraiser for B4BC (Boarding For Breast Cancer). The brainchild of Snowboy Productions an pro snowboarder Jess Kimura, It's Tits took place this year at Mt. Hood in Oregon and was a runaway success. After the pros have finished, the unique and challenging snow setup will be available to the public for a limited time. 

Check out the epic recap video above and go down the Instagram rabbit hole for a serious case of FOMO.

B4BC's Mission

Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation that advocates early detection and a healthy, active, and sustainable lifestyle as the best means for breast cancer prevention. Founded in 1996, B4BC empowers young people to make positive choices that promote lifelong wellness through outreach, prevention, sustainability, and support programs.



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