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>DCS Tags Along at Red Bull Supernatural


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Blue vinyl die-cut stickers for C3 brand HOME.
White Vinyl Die-cut stickers for C3 Brand HOME.

Diecutstickers.com has the fortunate position being a staple of the action sports industry, especially in the Pacific Northwest Region. When Travis rice headed out to realize his destiny at the innovative Redbull Supernatural snowboarding competition, we were called upon by the C3 Worldwide family of brands that includes Union Binding Co., Coal Headwear, and Home Watches to kick out a sticker package that would be going directly onto T-Rice's gear. This include the pictured Home die-cuts as well as stickers sporting the Union logo.

The entire team is elated to have our work exist as small artifacts of history, being able to point out that we helped outfit the gear associated with such a landmark athlete and event. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the first round of footage and watch out for the special when it airs on NBC at the end of March. Snowboarding will never be the same again and DCS is happy have a small hand in that progression.

Watch close on T-Rice's board as you check out the first round of highlights: