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>Downtown Throwdown Fallout!


The setup.
DCS loads up on raffle contestants.
The sticker empire shares the wealth.
Hunger and passion.
The crew.
First raffle winner scores Crab Grab accessories!
Second raffle winner nabs the autographed Think Thank DVD's!
Third raffle winner takes home Jakob's painting!

Everyone is going to remember where they were October 8th, 2011. Vendors, boarders, fans, the employment-impaired, pets, kids, parents, and even the fallen were in attendance to witness the inner city spectacle known as the Downtown Throwdown. This annual event brought to you by the enigma known as Krush, and his group Snowboy Productions, never fails to deliver and the day was filled with good friends, good vibes, and plenty of OMG moments.
From the DieCutStickers.com booth we had an amazing view of the action. The real story was provided by all the new friends and fans we met. Sticker enthusiasts by the hundreds made their way to the DCS booth to check out some free swag, meet the crew, score FREE HIGH FIVES, and enter to win our special event raffles. Three winners walked away with some Crab Grab gear, autographed copies of Think Thank's Ransack Rebellion DVD, and a live-painted graffiti piece by our own resident artist Jakob. In addition to those who entered to win, we also gave away a staggering amount of stickers to some unique folks who were ready to show them off.
Along with making some new friends and seeing old frenemies, we spent some quality time with familiar faces from Snowboy Productions, Crab Grab, Cobra Dogs, Summit at Snoqualmie, GoPro, Mt. Bachelor, Think Thank, Monster Energy, Snowboarder Magazine, Lib Tech, Snowboard Connection, Zumiez, Skullcandy, Arnette and Vans. The excitement was undeniably contagious and a big hand for everyone who made this incredible idea a reality. See you next time!
DCS Top 5 OMG! Moments:
5. Total Monster's Consumed by DCS Crew: 35!

4. DCS crew member Ian obliterates an entire Cobra Dog in one bite!
3. Stefan Krum's "Rodeo Positron Collider" off the pole jam! WOW!
2. 4 Words: Pickled Banana Eating Contest. You saw what we saw. You can't unsee it.
1. Branbon Hobush is the last man standing. Congratulations!

Check out our Facebook Gallery for more photos of the crew and new DCS pals from the event!