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1,000 - 1 Color diecut stickers at 1.43" x 12"
We just finished up this diecut project for Epic Boats, and we are very excited to be working with them. A big thanks goes out to Heather Callow, for your order.

.......About Epic Boats

Born in the sunshine of San Diego, Epic Boats was started with one goal in mind: Build a better wake boat from the ground up. From primitive drawings to complex CAD simulations, then onto model making and mold construction. On to testing and retesting and then, of course, lots of riding. Its taken a lot of time, energy, and Bondo to bring the "World's First Wake Boat" to life. Everything about this boat has been geared to the rider and the rider's enjoyment of the wake, the interior, and the functionality of this wake machine. Our boats are made to improve wakeboarders' lives through innovative design, comfort, and functionality. As a company, we strive to hold an edge over the competition in these three areas and are committed to constant innovation to continually improve our products, our service, and wakeboarders' wake lives...

From the ground up, our build has been designed to produce a very durable boat that can withstand the strain of huge ballast systems and the biggest of double-up rollers. We use a process called resin infusion to produce a very strong hull that is extremely consistent throughout. This process takes advantage of all the extra strength our quality materials can produce. Traditional hand lay-up can be very inconsistent throughout and can crack, blister, or simply break apart when subjected to the stresses that all Epic Boats are designed to withstand. Some of our key build features are:

// Resin Infused Composite Construction.
// Integrated Six Stringer/Ballast liner.
// Structural Engine Mounts that reduce vibration.
// Flush bonded Hull and Deck for an extremely tight and strong fit.
// One piece interior floor with no seems or openings.