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2,500 - custom punch-cut stickers at 7" wide.
20,000 - custom punch-cut stickers at 3.5" wide.
20,000 - custom punch-cut stickers at 2" wide. 
20,000 - custom punch-cut stickers at 5.25" wide.
2,500 - custom punch-cut stickers at 9" wide.
A big thanks goes out to everyone at High Cascade Snowboard Camp, for choosing Diecutstickers.com! Visit their site, and check out all of the sessions they offer!
The HCSC Ownership Story (in a nutshell):
Once upon a time (in the fall of 1989) John Ingersoll co-founded High Cascade Snowboard Camp. After helping to build up camp and running it for an amazing decade, John (and his business partner also named John) sold HCSC to Vans footwear, yes, THE Vans (shoes, boots, etc.). It was right around this time that Kevin, Preston, Ami, and Meagan all got their starts at HCSC as counselors, coaches and in the office.
In 2004 Meagan, Kevin and Preston took year round jobs running all aspects of the business for Vans. That following fall, Vans was purchased by Vanity Fair Corp, whose primary focus on footwear and apparel resulted in Vans having to sell High Cascade. (Here comes the good part…) While searching for new owners for HCSC, it dawned on the young management crew that “Hey, we should own this place! This is where our hearts are, and we’re the rightful caretakers of our beloved camp.”
The group called up John Ingersoll (who had founded camp in the first place) for advice – and it turned out that John wanted to be a part of the adventure as well. So the five scrapped together all that they had, borrowed from family and banks and made Vans an offer they couldn’t refuse. Later that season, Ami began working full time as HCSC’s Art Director and became part owner as well.