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500 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 3" x 3"
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KRG was established conceptually in 2005 by a group of Army Special Operations soldiers. We were not satisfied with the small arms or accessories on the market. Many products were good, but there was room for evolutionary enhancements as well as completely new products. Our passion for shooting led us to seek areas in which we thought we could improve upon existing products.

All of the founding members have been avid shooters since youth. In addition, we have had extensive small arms training through the military, and in some cases have been instructors. We continue to shoot for fun and competition on the civilian side. Essentially we are students of, and professionals in, the fields of small arms design and small arms employment.

Years ago, our initial design was a stable, spigot mounted bipod for bolt action rifles. Today, company members have been responsible for three small arms designs, parts of a fourth, and a few accessory items. The first rifle was a modular straight-pull bolt action rifle called the Ballista, the design of which was purchased by a different firearms company. The second was the Magpul Massoud .308 semi-auto rifle (and parts of the Masada/ACR), completed by our lead designer while he was working for Magpul. The final rifle design, the Fox One, is under wraps for now but will possibly be unveiled sometime in 2011.

We believe that if you work hard and have fun, good things happen. We're working hard so that in the coming months we can introduce the first of many great products from KRG.