Knuckle Bashers | No Holds Barred |

Knuckle Bashers | No Holds Barred

Knuckle Bashers

is an honest repair shop. Rather than attempting to alleviate the frustrating parts of fixing automotive mechanical issues, they're embracing THE HATE.

Have you ever wanted to pound your car into oblivion? Do it yourself in their self-serve garage! Want to hire some muscle to do it for you? The helpful Knuckle Bashers staff will work your car over for you and give it exactly what it deserves.

In all seriousness, this is a full-service shop with emphasis on complete solutions and reasonable rates. Check 'em out in the Salt Lake area HERE.

This order of digitally printed stickers came out looking great on white vinyl with a fun cut line and quite the intimidating graphic.

When you see the sticker, respect the fist.