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>Lake Life Apparel - Fresh Water Living


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100 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 8" wide.
Thank you Alex Arnason, at Lake Life Apparel, for your order.


During the summer months in Minnesota there is a common bond between all those who know the lake. Know what it stands for and what it means to them. Life at the lake is an experience that is like no other. Not only the lake but everything surrounded by it... the fishing, the cabin, skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, and beach activities, it could go on and on. This brand was developed to capture the essence of lake life.

Most brands are inspired by the ocean. In Minnesota, people do not have constant experiences with the ocean. But what they do have is a life long bond with all that is connected with the lake.

This is how Lake Life Apparel was born. Two buddies from the University of St. Thomas, who love the lake just as much as anyone, created a brand that is inspired by all that the lakes of Minnesota stand for. From t-shirts to hats, hoodies and polos. Everything will represent the laid back style of Minnesota lakes