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200 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 3.5"

Everyone say hi to Lake-Life Apparel. They're a unique apparel company from the mid-west with a casual approach and positive spin on leisure clothing. Check them out online to see their latest designs and take in their fresh water culture. This apparel start-up doesn't just have fans; they make friends with everyone they encounter and we're happy to be another friend collaborating on stickers to help spread the good word. Thanks a ton for your order guys! 
Lake Life Apparel | The Story
The summer is an amazing time of year, the sun is out and the weather is amazing.  During the winter of 2009 we found ourselves always talking about the summer and as college guys wearing our favorite t shirts during those summer months.  Over and over again t shirt companies became a topic of conversation as more and more 'ocean' brands were coming into our territory and selling t shirts. 

We didn't want 'ocean' brands to become the face of our favorite lake activities.  So we took it into our own hands to create a brand that was and is inspired by those warm summer days out on the water.

Being at the lake is not just something to do on the weekend, it is a lifestyle that we live by.  A lifestyle that puts relaxation and a good ole time in front of those days away from the lake. 

We are not just selling t shirts and hats, but inspiring a new generation of people to get outside and enjoy the warm summer air and the fresh waters of our lakes.  So when you have the chance to go up to the cabin or catch a ride at the local lake, do not pass it up. 

This is just our 'Lake Life' story.  Go out and create your own!