>Last Year's Stash Bash | A Look Back, In Anticipation | DieCutStickers.com

>Last Year's Stash Bash | A Look Back, In Anticipation


Good times - 2010.
Mustache + solitude - 2010.
Facial hair shenanigans - 2010.
A pantheon of heroes - 2011.

The First Annual Stache Bash was an infernal parade of hooligans justifying their absurd behavior by way of raising money for charity...

The Second Annual Stache Bash will be no different.

Movember, started as a fun way to raise awareness for men's health and battle Prostate Cancer, has evolved into a full fledged yearly competition. Men get to grow wicked facial hair and commit to become part of something larger than themselves, women get to support them and sport fake mustaches, and it's all for charity.

Bleach, Tacoma's legendary board shop, is the home to the annual Stache Bash which showcases and celebrates all that Movember is and was. With a mustache contest, photo booth, drinks, friends and good times abound the Stache Bash is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated events of Movember. 

As the month rapidly comes to a close, it's time once again to converge and join together in hairy harmony. Friday, Novmeber 25th is the day it all goes down. From 7-9pm we'll all be doing our part to share the memories of another successful month raising money and raising eyebrows. 

DCS has teamed up with local clothing brand Imperial Motion to bring you this even and you know with our powers combined everyone is in for an epic night. Be sure to check back on our blog for a full recap with photos and stories of the ensuing hijinks. Post your own photos and connect with us on , , and .

Stache Bash is open to the public, so be sure to stop by for high fives and share one mo night with us to close out Movember!