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400 - 2.1" x 8" and 400 - 3.14" x 12" standard diecut stickers in silver, cardinal red, black, yellow, peacock blue, and matte white.

DCS would like to thank Jason and Katie Clack, of Motion Boardshop for your continued business with us.


Motion Boardshop (aka “MOBO”) started out as the Seattle Kiteboarding Center almost 10 years ago. We built the business by offering kiteboarding lessons while the sport was still in its infancy. The business expanded to a retail operation when we began selling Slingshot kites, kiteboarding accessories, and skimboards in Everett, Washington. Since then, we upgraded to a larger location every year for 4 years. Combined, we bring 16 years of kiteboarding knowledge to the table and have been at the forefront of the industry since the beginning.

After specializing in kiteboarding for so long, we were looking for something new to spark our interest. Although we carried the Landyachtz line-up of boards and accessories, it wasn’t until moving to the Lake Forest Park neighborhood of Seattle that we really got stoked on longboarding again. We live in an area that’s a downhill speedboarding mecca and the local longboard crew rips. Collectively, we’ve been skating and longboarding for over 40 years. Jason’s mom always tells the story of how he used to skateboard off the roof of their house as a 6 year old! Ultimately, what we love most about longboarding is the diversity of what you can do with a board, whether it’s sliding, speedboarding, dancing, carving, pumping, pushing or slalom. In our crew, we have riders ranging from 3rd graders to 50 year olds and the stoke factor is huge! We love getting a group of 20 longboarders together and sessioning the local parking garage with the banshee bungee.

We’ve also branched out into the areas of Stand-Up Paddleboarding (aka “SUP”) and skimboarding. Like everything else, we only carry the best products available and it’s all gear we believe in and actually use ourselves. That way, we can offer first hand knowledge on all the products we sell. We pride ourselves on having staff that are experts in their field so you can be assured you’re getting the best service possible. So if you’re not sure what gear is going to be right for you, contact us and we’ll help guide you to the perfect set-up!

We hope you enjoy the website and if you’re ever in the Seattle area, stop by the shop and meet us in person. Hopefully you share the same passion for boardsports and living life to the fullest!

Jason & Katie Clack