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1,000 - Digital Kiss-cut stickers at 5"

Pull yourself together. Stay dry. Keep your passion intact. Acts such as these help define character and drive a life toward some kind of purposeful direction. Such is the path of the group at MÅ«e Apparel. Call it destiny, call it fate, they call it a day at the office.

MÅ«e | Inspired

Mūe is for addicted snowboarders; the ones that close their eyes and don’t see black, but see their boards shredding into white.

Mūe started with an inspiring, yet toolish comment from a fellow rider. “You just don’t look like a snowboarder.” Comments like that don’t fly with my competitive attitude. The next weekend on the chairlift, I studied what other riders were wearing and I got an idea.

Baggy sweatshirts are not functional … unless you are a fan of being frozen or wet. Having worked at a retail outfitter of hard and soft-wear, I knew the ins and outs of clothing technology available. So I thought of an easy solution: soft-shell hoodies. Simple, right? Well the hoodie-jacket hybrid took more than just a few sketches. Getting feedback from riders and using my personal knowledge enabled the ideas for free range movement design, a kangaroo pouch, etc.