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5 Reasons You Need Back Printing

boast a lot of features that other Vinyl Stickers simply can't compete with. Split-backing, tight Pantone matching, metallic inks, clear vinyl, and more. Possibly the most important, though, is the Back-Printing. By flipping the vinyl sheets over, we can screen-print information on the back, usually in 1 or 2 colors.

Here's a few good reasons why you should take advantage of this:

1. An Extra Chance to Share Your (hopefully) Compelling Story - Add a company bio so it can reach a new person, on the street, at a festival, in real life. Every impression counts.

2. Social Media - Help the masses get social and interact with your brand or business online. Mobile Devices make this accessible from LITERALLY ANYWHERE. Include links or @names for all your social channels and maximize shout-out-ability, bro.

3. Viral/Guerilla Marketing Messages - Say something cryptic. Create some buzz with a weird message. Create an aura by adding calls to action and building towards a momentous event like a guy skydiving from space (it's been done) or whatever.

4. Coupons! - Need to offset the cost of purchasing stickers? Sell some ad space to one of your favorite supporters and work together to showcase the both of you. Keep your discount game strong by adding a coupon. Everyone loves coupons!

5. Contests - The only thing better than coupons is FREE STUFF! You can use this to create more awareness and engagement by simply adding contest instructions on the back of your stickers. Make sure you tell 'em where, what, and how.

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