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100 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 4" x 3.41"

Designer Ricky Misas is the newest addition to the DCS sticker family. We love his energetic and vibrant artwork, which shines through on his order of digital die-cut stickers. The entire team is excited to see where his work takes him and we hope to see more orders from him coming across our production table. Thanks Ricky!

RM+ Design | Inspiration

Inspired at a young age by all forms of art, Ricky Misas developed a passion and artistic ability of his own. Using different ways to express his talent, he has found a calling for painting. Ricky wants to express towards today's generation using motivational statements that he embeds into his artwork. With his artistic dedication and talent, Ricky has ambition to reach out to everyone and inspire others on the way. He hopes to have his art shown in art shows, art galleries and eventually shown and known throughout the world.