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400 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 5"
400 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 2"

The new guerrilla marketing of today will be lead by stickers!

Though isn't a whole lot different from prior eras of guerrilla marketing. Stickers have always possessed a DIY sensibility and as affordable, effective and far-reaching tools of communication it's hard to beat them as a piece of small business protocol. Now, more than ever, as entrepreneurs emerge in the digital age in the form of start-ups and low overhead, independent contractors stickers will remain one of the go-to's for quickly spreading awareness and driving visibility for brands and businesses alike.

is a great example. Employed by the power of images, photographers look to stickers to be their ambassadors on the streets and beyond. With visually arresting colorways and dynamic shapes to attract, will no doubt gain new recognition and reach among the public. We're excited to see more growth from Rodney to pile on top of all the success he's already achieved.

In the meantime, more stickers.

RSK | Simplicity

RSK IMAGERY is a Southern California based photography company owned by Rodney Kline. Rodney specializes in Engagements/Save the Dates, Couples/Families, Action Sports, Lifestyle/Fashion as well as Special Events.