So-Gnar | The Neverending Snowboard Story |

So-Gnar | The Neverending Snowboard Story

Have you ever read Cormac McCarthy's book ?

It's a bleak, dark, lonely book about a man and his son wading through the ruins of civilization after some type of apocalypse. 's annual Snowboard Camp Tour is the exact opposite of that.

Expect an endless waterfall of fun, snowboarding, magical memories, clean air, sustenance, and friendship. The Snowboard Camp Tour schedule covers a pretty sizable section of the U.S., so there's likely a stop for everyone looking to shred (unless you live in Arizona).

DCS is on board as the official sticker sponsor and we're pushing the needle into the red with every type of sticker you can imagine. Look for more previews leading up to the first stop on Dec. 7th.

In the meantime, grab the schedule for 's Snowboard Camp Tour and see what is made of HERE.