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1030 -digital diecut stickers in 4 art files.

Thank you Abe Cohen, of State of Stoke, for choosing Diecustickers.com as your sticker manufacturer!


There are few major components of Extreme Sports that keep us coming back. Obviously it’s the feeling we get during a session, but the next best thing is stoking with friends.

Here at State of Stoke we have given you the first and only opportunity to Stoke with other athletes that care about what you do; Getting Stoked!

Unlike other social networking sites we don’t care what you had for dinner or how great the new “Twilight” movie was. We only care about how stoked you are before, during, or after that perfect session.

So go get stoked and stop back here to “Stoke” the right way.

Don’t forget to check out StateofStoke.com on your mobile phone and “Stoke” on the go.