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500 - digital die-cut stickers at 3.21 x 3.5"
Inside the DCS Sticker Lab, we never get tired of seeing fantastic artwork coming across our digital plotters. Watson Cycles is the perfect example of that. Their iconic Leviathan looks so good, we never want to stop printing. Hopefully we won't and their most recent order for 500 digital die-cut stickers is concrete proof of that. Thanks guys! 

Watson Cycles | About 

Watson Cycles constructs finely crafted custom bicycles and intricate cycling-related fabrications, including racks and custom-bent titanium bars. Our primary aim is to deliver bicycles of the highest quality craftsmanship in order to maximize one’s enjoyment of the sport. Each project begins with a central principle and is then designed to address the specific needs of an individual. All models are made from a high-end selection of True Temper tubing and built with a focus on using American-made products.