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1,000 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 3.40" x 4"

Following their victory on Cupcake Wars, it seems Anthony and Vandy can't be stopped! With their grand opening just a short time ago, Wonderland is already doing an amazing amount of business and the orders just keep coming in. We're excited for all their success and admire the amount of craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of their treats. It's absolutely humbling that they chose DCS to take care of their sticker needs and definitely look forward to working together again very soon.

All future payments can be made in the form of U.S. currency and/order cupcakes. This would be MORE than an even trade. Thanks guys!

Wonderland Custom Cakes | About

Nephew Anthony and Aunt Vandy treat each piece an individual work of art. The winners of Cupcake Wars now have their own shop in California and will continue to raise the bar for desserts.